Bad Experience? File a Complaint

Did you have a bad experience at a nail salon – or hair salon, spa, or any salon service for that matter. We are talking about serious issues:

Did you get an infection?
Did you have a painful nail service experience?
Did the hairdresser turn your hair green?
Was the salon/spa unsanitary?
Did a salon worker behave in an inappropriate manner?

The only way the public can have an impact on inappropriate practices in salons is for the consumer to file a complaint with the state agency that governs the salon and their license.

You can find a complete list of US web site with the proper forms and information to file your complaint at this link: 

If you experienced a reportable incident at a salon, it is important you take pictures as soon as possible for proof as well as write down everything you can remember, what you were told – by whom and when, what proceedures were performed – by whom and when, what products to the best pf your knowldge were used – by whom and when. The more information you can provide the state governing licensing agency, the more appropriate action can be taken quickly.


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