There has been a wave of very bad press complete with serious scary information – incorrect or misguided information in the press, TV and web articles recently directed toward nail services and nail products.

As a 17 year NY Licesened Nail Specialist and webmaster for 16 years of a networking portal site for beauty professionals, I am sick up to here with this attack on the industry and people I love.

The BeautyTech.INFO blog was set up for you, the nail salon consumer to get educated. Yes, the better educated you are, the more you will come see us in our salons, but that is NOT the base reason here for this blog. Money is NOT the reason here. The nail consumer is being lied to every day, either by “Chop Shops” (or as we call them, to be more politcally correct, Non Standard Salons) or by the press in any number of public arenas .

Oh and we’re not selling you anything, nor are we asking for donations to further any cause. Our purpose is true, a better educated salon consumer is our best friend, we’d like you to be our best friend!


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  1. Beautiful Blog! Great idea! Let me know if I can do anything to help spread the word!
    (Besides link it from my blog, facebook, twitter etc…. I’d love to contribute too!
    Simmy 😉

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