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In Response to UV Dryers at Nail Salons May Cause Aging, Skin Cancer

Harold Shipman who is credited with 250 plus kills was a Doctor (General practitioner) who was probably the worst serial killer in the world. Does this mean that all doctors are evil and we should not believe what they say? … Continue reading

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Response to: Nail Salon Cancer Warning?

In response to: Nail Salon Cancer Warning? – Video – FoxNews.com Dear Dr. Manny, I watched your report on “Nail Salon Cancer Warning” and would like to inform you about how incredibly misleading it was. A client placing her hands … Continue reading

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Tell me about Gel Manicures

Some salons advertise Gel manicures and charge extra for them when indeed all you are getting acrylics or a “glue & powder application” with a UV dried top coat. See: What’s the Difference? for more information. http://beautytech.info/qa/qa11.htm When the application … Continue reading

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The REAL Truth About Gel Manicures

This is in response to Jul 21st 2010 By Amber Angelle The Truth About Gel Manicures — Plus, Shellac, a New (Safer) Option I can only shake my head at wonderment in such poor reporting and fact finding. Not only … Continue reading

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It’s time to get smart about your nail salon choices

Welcome to BeautyTech.Info Blog. We are dedicated group of Nail Professionals who’s goal is to educate those of you who currently patronize nail salons, are thinking about getting nail services, or even had a bad experience you want to understand or learn more … Continue reading

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