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In Response to UV Dryers at Nail Salons May Cause Aging, Skin Cancer

Harold Shipman who is credited with 250 plus kills was a Doctor (General practitioner) who was probably the worst serial killer in the world. Does this mean that all doctors are evil and we should not believe what they say? … Continue reading

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Response to: Nail Salon Cancer Warning?

In response to: Nail Salon Cancer Warning? – Video – FoxNews.com Dear Dr. Manny, I watched your report on “Nail Salon Cancer Warning” and would like to inform you about how incredibly misleading it was. A client placing her hands … Continue reading

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Tell me about Gel Manicures

Some salons advertise Gel manicures and charge extra for them when indeed all you are getting acrylics or a “glue & powder application” with a UV dried top coat. See: What’s the Difference? for more information. http://beautytech.info/qa/qa11.htm When the application … Continue reading

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The REAL Truth About Gel Manicures

This is in response to Jul 21st 2010 By Amber Angelle The Truth About Gel Manicures — Plus, Shellac, a New (Safer) Option I can only shake my head at wonderment in such poor reporting and fact finding. Not only … Continue reading

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