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In Response to “16 deaths per day”

In Response to “16 deaths per day”, “Want a Toxic Manicure”, “Safer Salons for San Francisco”, “Why I Stopped getting Manicures”, Sick for Beauty, Protect Nail Salon Workers” and more listed at  http://16deathsperday.com/press/  Should you come across this article or choose to … Continue reading

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I got Acylic or Gel nails – now what??

Artificial Nail Extensions involves a trade-off: In exchange for having consistently beautiful nails, you must visit your nail technician regularly. You must also use greater care to protect your nails from damage or breakage more carefully than you did in … Continue reading

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Tipping Guidelines from Dear Abby DEAR ABBY: I’m writing in response to “Curly in Chesterfield, Mo.,” who asked for guidelines on tipping hairdressers who rent their stations and keep 100 percent of the fees they charge. “Curly” was of the … Continue reading

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Is my nail technician sanitary?

A professional nail technician should demonstrate to you during services that they are providing client protection to you. They should explain what steps they take to sanitize and disinfect their implements, and what type of disinfecting products they use.

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Facts About Salon Nail Polish Products For Consumers

Prepared by Nail Manufacturers Council of the Professional Beauty Association What Is In Salon Nail Polish Products? Brands compete with each other to make the best polish, with the right balance of ingredients to be safe, good-looking and long-lasting. The … Continue reading

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It’s time to get smart about your nail salon choices

Welcome to BeautyTech.Info Blog. We are dedicated group of Nail Professionals who’s goal is to educate those of you who currently patronize nail salons, are thinking about getting nail services, or even had a bad experience you want to understand or learn more … Continue reading

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