The REAL Truth About Gel Manicures

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Jul 21st 2010 By Amber Angelle
The Truth About Gel Manicures — Plus, Shellac, a New (Safer) Option

I can only shake my head at wonderment in such poor reporting and fact finding. Not only does this author have her facts wrong, the one link she provides to the FDA site specifically says MMA was not banned. Was there any attempt at all to verify what these “experts” told Ms. Angelle?

The opportunity to have your nail polish last more than 2 days, staying chip free and shiny for as long as two weeks without an “enhancement” application is an amazing stride in the professional nail industry.

The TV, newspaper, and web press received lately has kept professional, educated, licensed nail technicians not only busy at their table, but too often busy correcting gross mis-information such as presented here. In case you are interested, I am a licensed NY state Nail professional for 17 years and manage a 16 year old networking portal site for beauty professionals. I personally have responded to more than one of these mis-informed reports in the past 2 months. Continue reading

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It’s time to get smart about your nail salon choices

Welcome to BeautyTech.Info Blog. We are dedicated group of Nail Professionals who’s goal is to educate those of you who currently patronize nail salons, are thinking about getting nail services, or even had a bad experience you want to understand or learn more about.

This is the real deal from the people who use these products all the time, the chemists who research and devolope these products. If these products were unsafe do you really think companies like CND, OPI, Essie and more would risk their entire empire using products that were unsafe? Yes there are some nail products being sold and used that are NOT safe. As you will learn in the artcles in this blog, generally speaking the operators (I hesitate to call them nail technicians) and shops (I also hesitate again about calling these places salons or spas) that use these products remove the labels or put the products in unmarked jars and bottles.

The first question you need to ask is, “What brand are you using?”. If they can not tell you – leave. The second question is, “How do you sanitize and disinfect your implments and spa tubs?” (if they have any) – if they can’t tell you – LEAVE. If you continue the appointment and the operator causes you pain – LEAVE. Period – no other comment, just leave.


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