In response to “Fitness Magazine” Oct 2010 issue pg 43


I am writing to ask that you consider printing fact based information on nail services vs. fear based information :o)  It is important to understand that UV-B is considered by many to be more potentially damaging to skin than UV-A, which is why nail lamps rely on special UV bulbs that contain internal coatings designed to filter out most of the UV-B light.  A person receiving nail services involving a UV lamp is exposed to more harmful UV rays walking to their car than in a nail service.  I do not see any of the so called doctors recommending that people avoid these nail services also recommending that they wear gloves while driving, which exposes them to the more harmful spectrum of UV rays.  Nor do any of the researchers have a control group that wears gloves at all times with the exception of being in the UV lamp which makes the study itself flawed and biased. It is important that the public make educated decisions about safe nail care, but it is detrimental when the actual truth is rarely provided.  Please feel free to peruse this important FACT based study done by an independent research lab on UV lamps in nail services.


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