Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe Levels of Ultraviolet Light?

Three Experts Rebut Claims that UV Nail Lamps are Unsafe for Skin..

Plain and simple – NO – these lamps used in the salon to cure gel nails are NOT harmful to the salon patrons. Several very recent reports have shown up online, on TV, in your local newspaper discussing the dangers of the UV nail lamps. These reports are full of doom and gloom, trying to persuade you to believe UV nail lamps are causing skin cancer left and right around the world. These reports are simply not true, their information presented was either biased or outright in error.

Please take the time to read this very thorough report presented by 3 of the leading scientists to the nail section of the beauty industry to hear what they have to say.


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2 Responses to Do UV Nail Lamps Emit Unsafe Levels of Ultraviolet Light?

  1. Synnove Underwood says:

    Thank you!!
    I will have this in my Medi Spa

  2. Diana's nail and spa says:

    I’ll post this artile at my shop as well as on the web. Thanks for the great info.

    Diana’s nail & spa- chicago

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