Are nail drills safe?

Yes. As with any type of machine, nail drills are safe when properly used by trained technicians. It is not the machine that is dangerous, it is the improper use by the operator that creates a potential for damage. There are electric file training classes available in each state for licensed professionals, and some states are now requiring a certificate of completion of an electric file course before a technician is permitted to use one in a salon.

Electric file bits should be cleaned and disinfected after use on a single client. If the bit is visibly dirty, make the operator stop and replace it with a clean one. If they refuse, leave the salon. If the operator is using sanding sleeves, these are single-use disposable items and must be discarded after use on any one client. Do not let an operator use a visibly dirty sanding sleeve on you.

Electric files can be used safely on the natural nail IF the technician is using the proper bit and has been properly trained to do so. A properly trained technician using an electric file will NOT cause you pain. If the technician cuts you with the electric file bit or repeatedly causes a hot burning sensation where the electric file is being used, LEAVE.

Many technicians today have turned away from using “blades” on calloused feet. Those proficient in electric file use are now using a special pedicure bit that smooths away calluses on your feet. Again, if the technician causes you pain during this service – LEAVE.


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